JDS is a solutions focused clinic. Our services are bespoke, delicately tailored to work with the individual.

About Jenna

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself… 

My career in the skin and beauty industry started back in 2008, after completing my study at the Australian Institute of Applied Science. I began my on the job training with Ella Bache, Fortitude Valley –  a wonderful experience that really set the foundations for my skills and client care. From there I continued working in the beauty industry, out of hair salons and then from home, while raising two energetic boys!

It wasn’t until I started at my Mother’s business, Aspya Cosmetic Tattoo and Skin Clinic, that my love of skin health really became apparent. I have spent many years expanding my knowledge and training under  brands such as Dermalogica, Ultraderm and Mesoestetic® and found a genuine love for helping others with their skin concerns. In June 2021, I branched out and Jenna Dee Skin was born!

Having a personal condition of Pigmentation that has always been a concern for me, I am able to really understand and appreciate where my clients are coming from, while also recommending treatments that have proven results.
In this day and age where everyone wants instant gratification and photos can be distorted because of social media filters, my realistic and simple approach to skin care is honest and truthful. Caring for your skin with realistic expectations is important.

At Jenna Dee Skin my goal is to create a space where not only you receive high end skin care treatments, but a chance to relax  and unwind with a beautiful facial. 

I have now recently relocated in August 2023 to my beautiful home studio location where I will continue to provide the high level of professionalism and service that my clients have come to love. 

Let my happy place be your yours too

Not sure which treatment is right for your skin?

This is why I always offer a complimentary initial consultation to chat through your skin concerns and recommend a plan of action!

my Skin care philosophies

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Caring for your skin with realistic expectations. At JDS, I am all about a simple and honest approach to skin. Healthy, glowing skin is not an overnight fix! 
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Rain, hail or shine – apply that sunscreen! Incorporate it as part of your daily skin routine.
I’m always here if you need advice on good SPF moisturiser
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Not sure which treatment is right for your skin? No worries! I always offer a complimentary initial consultation to chat through your skin concerns and put together a plan of action! 

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Investing in your skincare and you won’t want to cover it up with makeup! You’ll also find your make up will sit a lot nicer when your skin is healthy & radiant!

Jennas Favourite Treatment

PEELS ~ definitely one of my favourite treatments at JDS, as the results really do speak for themselves! We have a number of different peel options available, and determining which peel/peel strength is best for you is based on the desired results you’re after and your skin type.
Peels are a powerful way to exfoliate your skin and achieve a smooth glowing complexion. Put your trust in a skin care professional to choose a peel that best suits your concerns and needs.
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