Our clinic is open Monday to Friday and is by appointment only.

We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Jenna Dee Skin has recently moved and is now operating from a home salon location. The home salon is situated on a corner block and there is plenty of parking.  

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Are you looking for the ultimate in skincare products? Let me introduce you to the Mesoestetic® luxury treatments!

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Anti Aging Radiance DNA Facial by MESOESTETIC®

Target Results: Advanced skin repair for Anti Aging, Skin DNA Integrity, Anti-Wrinkle, Skin Firming
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Anti Aging Energy C Facial by MESOESTETIC®

Target results: Professional brightening treatment for Face, Neck and Expression Line correction.
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Anti Aging Collagen 360º Facial by MESOESTETIC®

Target results –Skin Elasticity, Firmness and Tightening.   

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Anti Aging Stem Cell

Target results – Deep Wrinkle repair, Skin Regeneration, improved Skin Texture and Elasticity.